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Where to meditate in India to find maximum energy source?

1. Kasar Devi in Uttarakhand

I love Kasar Devi, not just because of its isolated ambiance but I had experienced a peculiar energy in the whole valley. I first visited this small hill-top village in 2007 when I had no idea about the place. Kasar Devi is less known destination though it is just 30 km away from Almora. Tourists go to Almora and then travel to popular places like Binsar, Patal Bhubeneshwar and other places, ignoring this small hippie junction of Kumaon.

Kasar Devi was first mentioned in Swami Vivekanada’s diary as a spiritual center. Later on Walter Evans-Wentz who translated the Tibetan Book of the Dead lived here for some time. People actually don’t know but this small hamlet was a focal point of many spiritual seekers from different segments of life. Danish mystic Sunyata Baba (Alfred Sorensen) lived here for 30 years, from 1930 to 1960. There are other famous people like Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens, George Harrison, Timothy Leary, DH Lawrence spent some time at some part of their lives here.

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There is a small temple complex built in 2nd century CE, which has an extraordinary place for meditation. Swami Viveknanda meditated here in a cave, which is unfortunately not maintained at all. It is studied that the earth magnetic field is quite remarkable in this particular part of India. Many spiritual aspirants believe this is conducive for meditation and other sadhna (spiritual practices).

2. Bhuj, Gujarat

ancient shiva temple in bhuj gujarat
Ancient Shiva temple in Bhuj
There is a small, parched dry region in the western state of Gujarat, 12 km from Bhuj where a small Shiva temple is situated. This less known temple origin is not confirmed but the Archaeological Survey of India has studied its origin dated back somewhere between 11th or 12th century CE. Very few people know the exact address of this place but there is a signage constructed by ASI that gives the direction of the place.

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Some spiritual aspirants claim that the place has some extraordinary energy that is too powerful for meditation. You can sit still for the whole day and accumulate power within. There is no disturbance except some squirrel and birds.

3. Arunachala, Thiruvanamalai

arunachala ramana maharishi

Arunachala is famous of Ramana Maharishi’s cave and known as a great energized land for decades. This is the place where Maharishi Ramana had meditated for 22 years. The caves are believed to be highly energized space and many seekers spend days here for meditation.

You can also stay in Ramana Maharishi Ashram, which is managed by the trust. You have to book in advance for your stay. The morning and evening prayers at the ashram temple is truly an exhilarating experience. There is a say that if your intent is clear, you can start at early 4 am and slowly walk the hill clockwise. By the time you cross 3/4ths of the hills, you can directly perceive a huge amount of energy within yourself.
4. Tapovan, Uttrakhand

tapovan gaumukh uttrakhand
Tapovan near Gaumukh
Tapovan is perched at 4500 m with mighty Shivlinga Himalayan range just behind this snow clad meadow. The place is quite hard to access, from Gaumukh one has to trek 4 hours to cover two and half kilometer distance to reach Tapovan.

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Earlier there were three sadhus and one lady from Israel lived there. Now, when I went there, there was only one sadhu, a young and silence monk lived there. He lived in a well-structured room with all necessary facility. He never speaks but joyful and talks to people with the help of pen and paper. There are trekkers who visit the place and return back after an hour or so, but there are some spiritual aspirants who stay there for a week or even month in tents.

5. Netala, Uttarakhand

netala in uttrakhand, uttarkhashi

Netala is situated 9km from Uttarkashi in the state of Uttarkhand, Garhwal. The small village is located beside river Bhagirathi, which goes on to become Ganga in Devprayag. The place is serene, naturally blissfully and you can sit wherever you want to. Not many tourists come to this place so you can just walk to the middle of river bed and find a rock and meditate.

You can find a few small hotels nearby, though not so good in amenities, still satisfactory for a spiritual seeker.

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