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Select your campsite - Tips and Tricks for Backpacking Checklist and Campsite Selection

camping kausani

Camping in the wilderness is an amazing fun. Probably the greatest fun when you are really alone, a stark silhouette, only nature and silence that permeates the whole being. Camping is not easy as it seems, in both cases, if you are alone or with family or friends. The biggest responsibility of camping is to become an ecologically aware camper and appreciate the nature and treat it with care. 

Essential Things to Know Before your First Camping

Know in advance

Do you research thoroughly. Generally I have found online resources are very substandard unless you find a good blog about that particular location. Most of the websites are quite commercial and do not provide comprehensive knowledge and nuances about the place. If you are really enthusiastic about camping, and want to continue it further, my suggestion is to opt for old school book reading about the place. Also you can discuss your plan with a seasoned camper in online forums or directly meet with them at some mountaineer club.

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Know the local rules

camping abott mount uttrakhand india kumaon
Camping in Abott Mount
Many campsites in India are closed or you need permission to pitch your tent. Mostly I have done all my camping trips without taking any permission, in Uttarakhand and Himachal, but in North Eastern part of India or Southern hills, you need to take permission. Also, be aware about safety of the place as many jungle and hills are not quite safe because of wild animals.

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Book your reservation

If you want to camp in a popular place designated for camping, you need to book your reservation in advance. Mostly in summers, tour guide companies and hiking clubs have already booked places in advance, so be prepared for it.

Reach the place before time

camping in deori taal uttrakhand india
Camping in Deori Taal
I find it convenient to reach my campsite before dusk. So, I suggest everyone to reach the campsite well before dusk so that you can be familiar with the place, collect your woods, clean the place if required, search the water source and prepare well before the darkness. In the darkness it is not advisable to do any errand forest or hills.

Don’t camp near water source

Many people suggest to camp near the water source, but I did this mistake once and I know how dangerous if you pitch your tent near the water source. Animals generally come to the water source in the night, and they wouldn’t be very pleased to see and smell humans in their habitat. Do not pitch your tent at water’s edge, rather choose a spot at least 300-400m away from it.

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Anticipate the wind

camping mushiyaari uttrakhand india
Camping in Mushiyaari
It comes from experience but certainly you can study in which direction you should pitch your tent. A sudden wind can destroy your enjoyment. If the wind is gushing, select a site behind boulders or trees.  If you are camping near the river, seek a higher spot in case weather could move overnight. Do not pitch on a flat meadow or untrodden spot.

Camping in winter needs more protection

Needless to say, camping in winter demands lots of extra protection, also it needs specialization if you need to camp on snow. In winter the weather can change very swiftly, so it is very risky to camp solo and that also if you are a novice.

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