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Rediscover India in 2017 with new passion and reasons to rekindle love

India, the mystic land where wisdom put her first step before it went to other lands. Here, the land whose soil is sanctified with so many great sages of all time. Here, in this land foreigners keep coming from time immemorial for various tangible and intangible wealth. The land stands firm like rock and tall like Himalayas aftershocks of so many invasions. It is the same land where a culture continues to linger after thousands of years. Who will see such a country where cultural colors, heritage and traditions challenge the tightest of logical buffoonery? The aura of India bears witness about her eternal nature, neither a beginning nor end.

India travel overwhelms you for the first time, and it is nearly impossible to travel the whole nation in one go. Many travelers come again and again to rediscover and to understand the essence of it. Sometimes people fall in love in such an intense way they simply can’t leave the country. There are many probable reasons to visit the country, so let’s us find some new ways to rediscover the land.

1. Experience village life to experience unity in diversity

Diversity overwhelms travelers, especially who are absolutely strangers to this land. India is accumulation of myriad ideas, beliefs, social norms, symbols, values and material objects. Culture is the total culmination of all these aspects, so it ought to be complex, and it’s hard to define in a simple way. You have to experience it to understand it. Sometimes, it is enjoyable; many times it is sort of cultural shock.

Although India is the one of the fastest developing nations with massive growth in technology, digitalisation and changing the social habits, the fabrication of this country is essentially spiritual and philosophy, which may seems lost, but it is the foundation of Indian morality. To understand country’s cultural diversity, you need to go deep into the fabrics of Indian life.

I wouldn’t recommend to blindly landing on any village and try to experience it, but with some research, you can find villages in India, which are hospitable and fun to experience it. It is an extraordinary journey to explore the villages in India with natural beauty, culture and tradition to amuse anyone. First ground rule is to understand the unwritten rules of the place, especially villages. Being careful and find a local friend who understands the intricacies of the place. 

As for my experience, villages in mountains are always safe. Also, villages in southern most states like Tamil Nadu, Kerala are quite good to get first-hand experience.

2. Revisit Himalayan wilderness

munshiyari uttarakhand, kumaon india
Munshiyari in Uttarakhand
Himalayas were the first thing that triggered my fascination with traveling. India is extremely fortunate to be guarded with these mighty peaks, but apart from mightiness, these mountains preserve myriad of mysteries that intrigue many intrepid travelers. Whether the stories of faceless, nameless yogis live in the caves of Himalayas, or mysterious skeletal lakes of Roopkund or extremely rare flora and fauna in Himalayas, all of them make it extremely fascinating to visit these mountains at least once. There are many treks, most of them start from April or early May, but if you really want to visit the place in a complete seclusion, you must visit it during winters.

One best part of India is you can get accommodation even in the remotest area of a terrain. And from my own personal experiences, I know for sure, mountain areas, especially North India; places are safe like anything else. I don’t find a single police station or any patrolling guard for miles, but I never faced any difficulty in mountains.

Kashmir is on the other side is a different story altogether. You need to be careful, vigilant and need lots of permission to visit certain places.

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3. Volunteering in India

Organic Farming volunteering in Solitude (Auroville)
If you want to pack your philanthropic ideas along with your flip flops, then you should consider volunteer work in India. Helping others, especially in culturally diversified country like India is not just fulfilling, they are also a spectacular way of getting know the country closely.

It is important to accept the culture, however different from your own, plays a pivotal role in doing a volunteer job. You may not experience luxury or things that you are conditioned to enjoy, but there are some magical aspects of it that a true backpacker or traveller can’t just ignore. It is wonderful for self-esteem and confidence; nevertheless, volunteering is not and shouldn’t be a part of escape from your personal suffering.

There are hundreds of option and it’s not easy to pick the right project for your. You should have a cause or thing you are passionate about. For example, animal conservation, rural education, children education, organic farming or community based action project.

4. Experience yoga in Indian retreats

Mayavati Advaita Ashram, Lohaghat (India)
You don’t have to be flexible as a piece of rubber to experience the joy of yoga. Yoga, from Indian context doesn’t need a prequalification but a way of life. It however demands commitment and a penchant for lateral thinking. Yoga in West is popular for its health benefits, a series of exercise that primarily aim to cure physical problems. Although physical aspect of yoga is undoubtedly important, it is just a tiny part of this whole process.

There are many courses, holidays and retreats around the world to choose from but if it’s your first introduction to yoga or you don’t practise much, then a beginner’s getaway would be ideal. You need to decide what you want from the holiday before you start looking; some retreats are quite serious and you are expected to participate in practice at least twice a day, eat vegetarian food and not drink, whereas some specialist tour operators have designed sun and sand holidays with yoga thrown in.

5. Traveling in comfort in India

Laksman Sagar in Rajasthan
When planning a luxury or comfort tour in India, it is difficult where to begin because the country offers some of the best luxury hotels, trains, resorts and restaurants. Whether you want to spend some days in tranquil luxury backwaters in Kerala, or chugging along luxury Palace on Wheels, you can surely travel in comfort and luxury in India. There are many hotels in India that offer some of the best luxury experiences in the world.

Many hotels give you authentic taste in their restaurants, while some also offer attractive packages. If you come for meeting or events, staying in comfort and experience the royal treatment is something that one can look for.

6. Visit the Taj once again

You can truly appreciate the work of genius when you see by yourself. It is not just once, but this iconic monument, a wonder of the world, must deserve multiple visits. From a distance it doesn’t really look real. When you see it closely, you can imagine the work and what a fantastic masterpiece it is! The Persian-inspired garden teems with tourists, but you never find it overcrowded because it is so large.

7. Beautiful forts and palaces of Rajasthan

Ajab Garh in Rajasthan
Rajasthan, a city of royal and a cauldron heritage, is a popular in tourist circuits. There are enough reasons for that popularity. Unless you visit some of these imperial palaces and massive forts, your journey to India is never complete. The state is full of these exotic palaces and forts, some are very popular, some are less, nevertheless not small to be ignored. The biggest sand dunes are in the Western Rajasthan states of Bikaner and Jaisalmer. 

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