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Want to spend your Christmas holidays in wacky hotels? Here are 10 most creative and wacky hotels in the world

wagon stay christchurch new zealand wacky stay

1. Christchurch, New Zealand has this interesting hotel called Wagon Stays. The name implies the real nature of the hotel, wagons equipped with all facilities: bathroom, kitchens, satellite TV. It gives the ambiance of an early settlers wagon with all imaginable comforts.

hobbit motel new zealand woodlyn park
Hobbit Motel
2. This is the place where hobbits stayed, not really but during the shooting Lord of The Rings. The Hobbit Motel is located at Woodlyn Park in New Zealand where one can stay in one of the two hill-side burrows that are similar to the fictional J.R.R Tolkien epic.

cappadocia hotel turkey
Cappadocia Hotel
3. The Cappadocia Hotel is located in Turkey, which is carved into the Yunak Evleri mountain cliff. If you are an avid Flintstone fan, you can also stay here in caves. The 19th century Greek mansion also offer 30 rooms with all facilities.  

das park hotel ottensheim austria
Das Park Hotel
4. It’s called unusual comfort, which the Das Park Hotel in Ottensheim, Austria all has to offer. The most extraordinarily queer hotel offers three 10-ton segments of drainage pipe, each 6.5 feet to live in. don’t worry the hotel rooms have all the comfort, which you could never imaging inside these pipes.

hotel everland paris
Hotel Everland
5. The Hotel Everland in Paris offers everything one can imagine staying in five star hotel. The hotel is perched on the roof of the Palais de Tokyo museum, including bathroom, a king size bed and a lounge. The view of Seine and the Eiffel Tower from the top is simply stunning.

harbour crane amsterdam
Harbour Crane
6. No, this is not a crane but a luxury room. Located in Harlingen, an hour drive from Amsterdam, hotel Harbour Crane offers total control over your stay in this hotel. It was once used to unload timber, now use as an accommodation for many tourists. 

giraffe manor nairobi kenya
Giraffe Manor
7. Eating your breakfast or lunch and some giraffe sneaks you out. How is that? The Giraffe Manor is a luxurious hotel in Nairobi, Kenya where you can enjoy the finest food and accommodation with a giraffe or two. It is the only hotel in the world where you can dine with giraffe over the table and at the front door. 

dog bark park inn in idaho USA
Dog Bark Park
8. If you are a dog love, you will surely enjoy your stay at the Dog Bark Park Inn in Idaho. You can enter the room shaped of a beagle from a private 2nd story deck. The interior of rooms are perfectly fit with hotel’s theme. 

marmara antalya turkey
Marmara Antalya
9. Stunning rooms, extraordinary architecture and breathtaking view, these are all in the Marmara Antalya hotel in Turkey. The two dozens room spins slowly so that you can enjoy the entire view of the place.

tree house institute oregon US
Tree House Institute
10. Just outside of Cave Junction, Oregon, the Tree House Institute offers 18 tree houses you have never imagined in your life. Some rooms are even perched at the height of 300 feet.

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