Saturday, March 25, 2017

Why does door and window photography fascinate me?

Old buildings always fascinate me, particularly doors and windows. While walking on a sidewalk, or walking in the streets, and even in midst of busiest traffic in roads, my eyes always look for doors and windows. Doors and windows aren't just there to be opened and closed. These doors and windows speak history, a certain sense of nostalgia and earn admiration. From a historical standpoint, we can understand culture, social structure and antiquity of society. My personal favorite is always old doors and windows, but from a photography point of view, contemporary architecture also invites much passion among photographers. 

There are many angles of photography. The subject can be on the outside or inside. The windows in particular create a disjunction between the viewer and the world outside. In window photography, subject has a role to play in the imagination of the photographer. There may be many interpretative approaches to it. Through your photograph, you may show the subject being inside the window is weak, doesn’t want to face the outside world. It is all a symbolic interpretation that a photographer wants to capture through his or her lenses. 

Some suggestions on doors and windows photography

There is no best time as such because in this age of advanced manipulation of image by Lightroom and Photoshop, you can do almost whatever you want to do with the photographs. However, for genuine photographers best time is early morning and late afternoon because most of the porches, awnings, doorways are out of the light path and no shadows are present.

Tripods are good to capture the details of images since you are in slow shutter speed. Generally natural light is enough in these hours but if you are too sensitive about the light, you can use a flash to fill in. 

When a door or window captures your attention, first thing is to remember about your first impression. What’s the first thing that catches your attention? How colors will affect on the overall scene? How about the wall surrounding it, or doors itself? If you put these questions before capturing your image, you will add more detail to it.

Another important aspect is to focus on your primary focal point and eliminate all distractions. Keep everything that you want to capture in focus and sharp. This way you can maximize the depth of the field.

( All photographs here were captured by my cell phone camera)

Picture Gallery

Kolkata, 2016 

Kolkata, 2015

Varanasi, 2017

New Delhi, 2014

West Bengal, 2016

Kolkata, 2013

Bangkok, 2015

Varanasi, 2016

Kolkata, 2014

Kolkata, 2015

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