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Nightlife in Bangkok

Bangkok is unbelievably vibrant, chaotic and perhaps too engaged in its own loop. The city is busy but people are not jaded. When the night falls on the city, it has become more vibrant. Bangkok nightlife is famous worldwide for its colorfulness and corporeal pleasures. Most of the tourists are intended to experience this sought after nightlife in Bangkok. This is paradox arises from the fact that there are dozens of dance halls, hundreds of neighborhood restaurants, which tourists never go.

Bangkok nightlife can be differentiated into many parts – areas of discotheques, restaurants, massage parlors and jazz bars, which appeal to natives as well as foreigners. If you seek for intellectually provocating nightlife, the city is not for you. The city has very little to offer to artistic culture, quality cinema, satirical cabaret, modern dance and so on.

Evening Cultural Entertainment in Bangkok

If there is a little artistic sense of entertainment, it is the dinner shows of traditional Thai dance offered at several restaurants around town. The most scenic of this art can be showcased at the Sala Rim Naam, a traditional Thai teak structures on the river band opposite the Oriental Hotel, of which is part and the Thai Night at the Thai Village of Siam Inter-continental Hotel, where both dances and martial arts are performed. Of course, these are not for backpackers or budget travellers unless you have lots of Baht in your pocket. 

Enjoy Silom Night Market

The longest strips of night markets are along Silom Road near Patpong and in Patpong itself. Apart from unbelievable fake stuff like watches, pirated DVDs, jeans, skirts, Games, T-Shirts, you also find some good stuff. For example, you can buy beautiful Burmese wall-hanging and puppets, bronze ware and silverware and other handcrafted items. 

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Patpong & Her Sisters (& Brothers)

Bangkok for many, especially India is synonymous with sex. Seeing Patpong for the first time, many are what disconcerted to find themselves in a brightly-lit clothes market. In the contemporary Patpong, the street is completely jammed with stalls selling garments, DVDs, t-shirts, sex toys, souvenirs, obscuring the renowned raunch and sleaze.

Like other red light districts, Patpong inspires fascination and fear, and curiosity and disgust as well as plain old lust, according to a person’s principles and predilections, but most people when they get there find it at least interesting, for Patpong has something for everybody. You do not even have to go in a go-go bar, let alone a sex show bar, for its streets and surroundings contain numerous discos, restaurants, piano bars, cocktail lounges, beside late-night shops and street market. Dancing, eating, music listening and shopping are as much a part of Patpong these days as boozing and ogling.

Jazz Clubs & Rock Pubs

Jazz bars have bloomed all over Bangkok. Most of them do not actually play live jazz or even any sort at all. So do not be fooled by the signs: “jazz” seems to be the code for “fashionable”. But some most certainly do.

Doyen of them all is Brown Sugar, located next to Lumpini Park on 469 Phrasumen road. This place set the trend: nightly mainstream jazz, occasional black American singers, informal atmosphere and great vibes.

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Brown Sugar is not a big place and soon others took up the time and eased the crush. A string of music pubs sprang up alongside offering anything from blues to country and western. Just round the corner in Soi Langsuan: Round Midnight, with a terrific moody jazz mural on the side wall. Off Soi 23, way past the go-go raunchy ride of Soi Cowboy, Black Swan, all dark glass, lurks behind palms. It has a relaxed atmosphere and excellent live performances.

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